Listen: ‘Home’ by Okukuseku (feat Lykay, Kwame Yesu & Kweku Mireku)


There’s lot to love about once home. The memories are cherished, the love and the hate come in equal measure, sometimes. But, the love that one holds in heart for where they come from shall forever remain golden. As the Akan adage goes, nobody points to his father’s house (home) with their left hand.

Okukuseku, a producer at WeirdXGenius pays homage to where he hails from on a new song titled ‘Home’. A groovy highlife song riddled with heavy drum pattern, kicks and piercing snares, Okukuseku invites rappers, Lykay, Kwame Yesu and Kweku Mireku, who take turns to celebrate their ‘home’.

Kweku Mireku jumps in with an ode to ‘ Kokomlele (his home). He opens his verse by referencing a know tagline of Topp Radio and DJ Black’s Toontoom studios, both located at Kokomlele. (Google DJ Black to know why he’s mentioned). He further references some of the ‘iconic’ places in Kokomlele.

Mallam Atta Market/Sosket/ You go buy get change for your pocket

Lykay, who’s label mate with Okukuseku continues from where Kweku Mireku ended. Instead of shouting his hood, Lykay covers most parts of Accra City-pointing out some of the city’s landmarks/events like the Accra Mall, Labadi Beach, Santa Maria, Osu Papaye, Serallio and Kantamanto Market. With his laid back flow and timber voice, Lykay points out why his home (Ghana) is a lovely place.

Chale Ghana be the place to be/ Wo na girls/Wona jollof all dey bee’

Kwame Yesu’s reminisces about the good times he’s currently enjoying, like ‘partying like some rockstars’. With a flow reminiscent of dancehall act, Vybz Kartel (Beg U A Fuck), he exhibit his regret that his unborn kid may never have that experience.

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Akbar Comics launch Kickstarter Campaign to fund first book ‘Captain Calabar’.

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Comic books have always played a part in our lives. For many it still does. They have been our companions -from infancy through to adulthood. Comics have inspired dreams; served as an escape into another realm (fantasy world) as well as an educative tool. For many, comics gave them reason to live.

The power and commercial appeal of comics have, in recent times, crossed over from the pages onto the big screens. Hollywood is at the forefront of this exciting wave; churning out many movie flicks based on popular comic strips.

Comics, aside its incredible stories, attractive characters and the money they generate, are also vehicles of promoting Western socio-political ideals. A cursory look at the comic landscape reveal a paucity of African comics. This means, the African story is not heard by many comic lovers albeit the existence a plethora of African stories and tales with very great characters that must be told the world.

One comic company looking to breaking into the industry and inspire an African ‘invasion’ is the Nigerian based Akbar Comics. Founded in June, 2016, Akbar Comics has a team of four individuals- Abasido Akpan, Joshua Akpan, and Timehin Akinde. Akbar Comics is seeking to do this through the release of their first comic book ‘Captain Calabar’.

As Timehin Akinde, head writer and co-creator of ‘Captain Calabar’ put it, Akbar Comics is aiming at   showcasing African beauty and reshaping the pop culture landscape. We are trying to build a lasting African comic book universe and showcase the beauty of Africa to the world. We want to redefine the art form and leave our mark on African pop culture’.

Achieving this ambition would mean having adequate support and resources. It is for this reason that Akbar Comics has commenced a Kickstarter campaign to help them achieve their dream of raising funds towards the publication and subsequent release of their first comic book.

Africa’s voice has to be heard within the global comic space. Our rich, dynamic, evocative and astounding stories must be known. Comics are one of the best mediums to get those stories out. If you are a comic lover and believe in the dream of Akbar Comics, kindly support the campaign here

Support a dream!


DJ Femo is a Nigerian DJ/Producer based in London for studies. She’s part of a new generation of creatives in Africa that aren’t afraid to be unconventionally African. Despite all the challenges the youth seem to face, like a harsh economy or severe lack of infrastructure they continue to push the boundaries on what it means to be African youths.
Her mixes are a blend of global sounds that are intended to especially put the spotlight on the sounds of new age Africa. The goal is to introduce the various alternative sounds and styles of Africa to the rest of the world through her content. She’s produced the mixes below which encapsulate the essence of everything that has been said above.
Summer 16 – The Mix :
Gbef! :
How To Mosh :

Meet Banks; the unequivocal Ghanaian entertainment blogger

Francis Amissah (born in December, 1990) known in the showbiz circles as ‘Banks’ is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger & publicist. Founder of, a leading entertainment website with the aim of promoting music, videos, brand advertisement, events, artists, fashion & lifestyle etc.

A product of the Kaneshie Senior High Technical School, Accra, he has held many leadership positions throughout his steady rise. Notable among them was the Senior Boys Prefect of his Secondary School in 2008/2009. He has made significant contributions to several pan-African websites including and

In 2012, he launched his website. Through diligent work, Francis has had the opportunity of interviewing numerous personalities, including Coptic, Kwaw Kese, Kris J (A&R at Universal Music Group – South Africa), C-Real, Ian Jazzi, J.Town, E.L, Dark Suburb, Scientific, X.O Senavoe, Genius Selection.

Life and Career

In 2009/2010, he started with a website called, where he started blogging. With different role models and successful players in the same industry to learn from, he took his time, learnt well and developed steadily. Later in 2012, he fully launched his official website

The formulation of was a result of Francis’ friend hosting, helping him get the domain and also build the website as well. is an online media portal dedicated to promote music, events, videos, artists, brand awareness on social media, entertainment talents and any other activity relating to entertainment in Ghana and Africa as a whole. 

It creates and implements powerful social media marketing campaigns that drive traffic to businesses promote brands and create sales. also provides professional online, social network promotion to all types of undertakings, including individual and partnerships organizations in all sectors of the entertainment industry in Africa.

TalkMediaGhana has also created social media awareness for well known companies such as Tigo Ghana (#KeepYouDoing campaign), Kasapreko Company Limited, West Hills Mall.

Since its inception, the website has found innovative ways to reach readers across the globe. The website is/has been on the lips of many artists, music producers, TV hosts/presenters, individuals & others media personalities.

Artists worked/working with

Within a few years, Francis has been able to build a reputation for himself as an incredible and trustworthy blogger and publicist after working with other online music promoting companies.

Through his hard work, he has met up and worked with artists and producers including Coptic (Ghanaian US based multi-platinum award winning producer for Notorious BIG, NIKE, P Diddy, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, Ludacris, Trey Songz, Shyne, Black Rob, Ice Cube, etc.), Scientific, C-Real, Fusha (Worcester, USA), E.L, Kwaw Kese, D-Black, Ian Jazzi, J.Town, Joel Orleans of YFM, Gibrilville (New York, USA), X.O Senavoe, Mike Millz, Slimbo, DJ Champagne, DJ Kess, Genius Selection, Trey LA, DJ Mic Smith, Dex Kwasi (Dallas, TX – Ghana), Jayso, Dark Suburb (Alternative Rock Band), Trigmatic, Smif-n-Wessun (New York, USA).

In 2012, Francis was appointed by Coptic as his publicist in Ghana. He’s worked with Coptic on his Coptic Presents… The Rising Stars of GH (Vol. 1 to 4 album). Francis helped Coptic in fetching for rising artists in Ghana to feature on the album(s). Such artists include Greenfield, C-tso, Trey LA, Joel Orleans, Stargo, Ko-Jo Cue, Ian Jazzi, Renner, Gaeta, Teephlow etc.

In 2013, Coptic teamed up with Bless The Mic to organize a Hip-Hop concert for the very first album to help unleash the rising stars into the limelight, which also happened to be the main aim of the album.

All the album(s) were co-ordinated by Francis and made huge waves on radio and across all social media in Ghana and abroad.

In an interview on Choice FM, Accra, Francis said that he’s grateful for the opportunity to work with Coptic, and for helping to advance the careers of Ghanaian/African artists. Through, The Rising Stars of GH albums, Francis has been able to help Coptic sign a Ghanaian artist/radio personality named, Joel Orleans to his label – The Black Star Line.


TalkMediaGhana – Media Partner |Afro Music Festival 2016, Los Angeles

TalkMediaGhana – Media Partner | U.K Afrobeats Festival 2016, Barking Park, London

TalkMediaGhana – Media Partner | Young Achievers Summit 2016, Accra

TalkMediaGhana – Media Partner | Dark Suburb’s Awakening Concert, Alliance Française d’Accra

TalkMediaGhana – Media Partner | Award winning Nigerian superstar, Patoranking’s media/stakeholder launch for ‘’God Over Everything’ album, Accra 

TalkMediaGhana – Media Partner |Ghanaian rapper/producer, Jayso’s album listening and video premiere, Accra

TalkMediaGhana – Media Partner/Organiser | Coptic Presents… The Rising Stars of GH & Bless The Mic & concert – 2013, Accra

Awards and Nominations

TalkMediaGhana – Certificate of appreciation as media partner for the Young Achievers Summit 2016.

2016 – was nominated in a tall list for Blogging Ghana Awards as Best Blog and Best New Blog. 

2016 – Francis Amissah was nominated in a tall list for Blogging Ghana Awards as Best Blogger.

External Links 

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Villain Sounds host ‘Our Day’ on 20th January.

The rules of album listening is getting a remake. Instead of inviting a select ‘music heads ‘ to an exclusive listening, Villain Sounds is inviting everybody to an event dubbed ‘Our Day’.

Reminiscent of ‘Our Day’ events in Primary school where  after exams students indulge in a celebratory feast, the studios of Villian Sounds will host the biggest  ‘Our Day’ on Friday 20th January. 

The idea for this event, according to Kuvie (the in-house producer) is ‘like how we bring things to share on the last day of school, so basically bring your opinions and booze and the artistes at Villain will share their music’.

Hosted by YFM’s Official Kwame, ‘Our Day’ would feature artistes such as King Promise, Kidd Black, Spacely, AYAT, Odarteye, NXWRT, Darko among many others.

This is an opportunity to hear and meet the artistes behind the next bunch of hits to take over the nation.



#IFKR was born through the upsurge in the appreciation of local talents, especially for artists who dare to do something different! It is made up of a duo, DJ K3V (@DJ_K3V) and DJ eff (@effthedj), who have both carved a reputation for themselves in the promotion and superb mixing of local and international house music.

Omi Gbono (meaning “hot water”), is the first single off #IFKR’s debut mixtape project titled U Have No Idea which seeks to bring together some of Ghana’s up and coming young talent in collaboration with local and international producers to create energetic, vibrant and soulful Afro-fusion House music.

This particular song was done in collaboration with Odunsi The Engine (@odunsitheengine), a young industrious Nigerian artist who will also be releasing his debut EP titled “Time Of Our Lives” later this month.

For bookings and further information, you can reach #IFKR through their manager, Nylla Oforiwaa Amparbeng via:

Email –

Number – +233 268 129 091(whatsapp only) / +233 500 017 525

Twitter – @fxp_ghana



DJ K3V and DJ Eff  who make up the music duo #IFKR have created a party banger for music lovers across the country Omi  Gbono carries an afro-fusion house music influence and features Nigerian artiste and producer Odunsi the Engine.

For ravers within the city, the producers of the song are no strangers. They have been playing music at some of the best spots in Accra for a while and have carved a following for themselves. Odunsi the Engine, whose debut EP TOOL (Times Of Our Lives) would be released this month, is gradually permeating the Ghanaian music scene courtesy his production works for some Ghanaian artistes.

‘I’m in my zone tell your friends/ Nuti Tono/ Omo ke kere yata agbalaba wojuno/Drinks everywhere/boys want to you know/And we have the girls hot like Omi Gbono’

Omi Gbono is the first single off their soon to be released debut mixtape ‘U Have No Idea’. With its pounding beat and electro-synths and simple and go-happy lyrics delivered by Odunsi in both English and Yoruba, Omi Gbono is definitely the kind of song which not only invite you to get you in the party mood but get stuck in your head for days.



Chaucer B comes once more with these rap lines taking you on a ride of the city. Enjoy it

Verse 1

Met this girl at Osu, fronting like from Cantonments but living at Kojo Sardine
Wanted Papaye for two, stunting hard then came to me, skin like old gabardine
Got her adinkra pie with juice that kinda looked like strawberry
I’m spending low in case the chase turned into snobbery
Lesson learnt from last June with that girl at Valley View
I paid the Piper, she called the tune,    Name her? Naa Kwarley Brew
Even Sedinam from Zenith Bank, Labone branch was going dutch
Lunch dates at Chase, she split the bill, but she ain’t no butch
Invited to service once at a church near Flower Pot
Usher chick, dark and tall, from Lashibi, near Shalom Spot
Said she worked at Nallem Clothing, schooled part-time at IPS
Or UPS, no idea, pretty cool but quite fierce
Had a little sister living with her mum at Spot M
Got a crush on me but I let it pass without contempt
I got too much on my roster with that chick at Haatso down, Mona Brown
Musuku Road all the way to Agbogba town


This City is Electricity
From Shiashie to Kaneshie
The game’s just simplicity
It’s just chicks who’re resisting

Verse 2

Let’s talk about that receptionist at Ernest Chemist on the main checklist
High cheekbones, Mrs Pitt’s lips  with rose tattoo on her left wrist
Said she only chilled at joints that got more stars than La-Palm has
But I saw her once as calm as a Roman nun at Las Palmas
That house on Lokko Street with the blue gate is where Yaa lives
Yaa may be your local chick but with her smooth taste she got captives
I recall the booty call just last May from Oyarifa
When I text, it’s duty call but her location was very far
So I got one in the hood, right near Yellow Signboard
Big boobs but very loose, held clinics for my fellow fine boys
Ama Fodwo lived in a fridge, emptied my wallet at Celsbridge
Single room at Asylum Down but lied, claiming it’s in North Ridge
One night me and my cousin, we were partying at Libya Quarters
Saw this girl, asked “who’s that?”, he replied “Olivia Quartey”
Skin so smooth like Syrian silk and you know Nivea got this
Took her home that night, Tinatett right, game plan was just tight
She said, “It’s Kotoko tonight”.
Fuck! do I fight or flight?
She failed a late fitness test, what a mess, I must confess and I lost Soccabet

Verse 3

GT Bank at Dansoman, had a chick who was pretty ace
Gifty Hanson was her name, her claim to fame? A pretty face
Had a pastor for a dad
Led the CCF on campus back at tech as an undergrad
But Gifty had a nigga in every hood, every hole, here and beyond
Spintex Road, Adjiriganor, Botwe, East and West Legon
Sakaman, Kwashieman, Mallam, Gbawe and McCarthy Hill
In fact she had a crash and burned but goes to McCarthy still
Last time we screwed, I flew her thong full mast at Tantra Hill
I spoke in tongues full watts, full blast and had a mantra drill
Sylvia claimed she had an office for real at Silver Star
Found out last semester
And a son called Yaw Sylvester
But I took it cool till one noon
Driving through town with DJ Mensah on air
Saw her selling in traffic near Opeibea House yelling “PK-Mentos!” Oh herh!