THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY

             Sammy Forson – I’m Tired

It was a matter of time before he made his formal entry into the music space by having his credits on a song. The pull factor to be an ‘artiste’ grows very strong especially when you’ve been around artistes and music for decades. For radio presenter and artiste manager Sammy Forson, ‘I’m Tired’ is his first official record. The Live FM Mid-morning radio host goes for some top cherry MCs like Cabum, EL, Kojo-Cue, Obibini and LJ on this hard hitting hip-hop beat. And they both slayed, with each teasing out some identifiable tiring experiences. 

Thebeat is too inviting for any MC not to dream of hopping on. Obibini and LJ (his name isn’t familiar to many) were incredible, holding their own against the other three certified MCs. ‘ I taya say underground MCs just dey suffer/ the money dey but Miss. Malaika s)) dem dey sponsor’, Obinini makes his tiredness known. As Sammy Forson himself did intimate before the beat kicked in: ‘The people all around the world try to make a difference. Just like me, they’re tired’. THIS IS HIP-HOP

Adomaa – BRA

Watching this video, I kept wondering what could top having your girl invite you to an afternoon date where she offers not food but some nice musical performance as a way of assuring you of her love. That’s precisely what Adomaa did in the video for ‘Bra’. Shot entirely at the Kona Cafe, Osu, Adomaa takes centre stage and croons to her boyfriend whose identity is hidden for a few minutes. The video is simple, appealing and colourful. It’s very clear that the three (Adomaa, her boyfriend and the saxophonist) had extreme fun on set. It’s also a nice advert for Kona Cafe. If you’ve not been there, better check it out. 

Juls feat Nonso Amadi & Maleek Berry – Early

There couldn’t have been a better first video after the release of ‘Leap of Faith’ EP than this standout track ‘Early’. A warm, well toasted love song has a video that carries such same clout. It’s another date themed video with Juls and Maleek Berry on what appears like a vacation trip to the beach with girls they picked up a night ago. Even though the visuals isn’t as evocative as the song, seeing the characters in full bliss is in itself superb. Makes you want to take a trip at the beach with the one(s) you love for a good time.

Eboo – Good Life

It’sbeen almost a decade since afro dancehall artist Eboo captured the attention of Ghanaians with his debut single. Many may remember the hook to ‘Once, Twice’. After a very long hiatus, Eboo makes a return a new single ‘Good Life’, a dancehall, tune with a this-is-why-I-love-you theme. ‘Good Life’ is an average yet decent output (compared to his decade old single). It’s a forgettable song.  Wth backing from Empire Entertainment (which his big brother media mogul Bola Ray runs) you may find yourself singing along to it before long.

Tony Bryte ft Serge – Aaliyah

If you are expecting some crazy, ‘put me in my feelings’ type of lyrics due to the title of the single, sorry for leaping before watching. Tony Bryte abandons his R&B scales for something far off his comfort zone. For what the lyrics fail to offer, the beat provides thanks to it’s spikey, experimental sound. ‘Aaliyah’ is a love song where Tony Bryte and Serge serenade and confess their love to their ‘Aaliyah’. Forgive me Tony for thinking you were a Nigerian all along. Just got to know you are Takoradi abrantie. 

THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 8

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY.                                                                            ——————————————————–

M.anifest feat Mi Casa – Be My Woman
M.anifest seems to be strengthening ties with South Africa as a country and her artistes in recent times. And the reason isn’t far-fetched (it’s all about economics).  With the rise in brand comes the need to enter new markets and no music market in Africa comes bigger than South Africa –if we are talking about the existence of a formidable music industry.  From shooting videos in South Africa to featuring her artistes like HHP (on Jigga) and ProVerbs, M.Dot recently featured South African vocalist Nomisupasta on ‘’Cupid’s Crooked Bow’’ off his “No Where Cool” LP. 

On his new single ‘Be My Woman’, M.anifest drafts the three-man music collective Mi Casa. In this video, viewers are given a snapshot into the daily life of Humeleng SOLAR Modise (the crush he wants as his woman) from when she wakes up in the morning through to her yoga session to when she takes her bath to when she picks her clothes and steps out.  In the end, we see she’s indeed his. The song carries an unmistakable house music vibe (those superlative guitar chimes). One major classic song kept ringing in my ears listening to “Be My Woman”: Paul Simon’s ‘Diamonds On The Sole of Her Shoes’. Drafting Mi Casa on this song is indeed a smart move. They indeed spread that soulful magic over it. 

Reynolds TheGentleman– Ole

Need to say this: the video for “Ole” emit a stronger sense of loss that matches those heard on the audio. There are moments in the video where you feel such strong sense of sadness for Reynolds, and wish you could call Adomaa to forgo everything and take him back. The sadness in his voice isn’t as painful as the emotions across his face when singing those burning lyrics. The greyish tone of the entire video, the almost empty room, the painful strumming of the guitar chords and those crushing waves towards the end of the video as captured by the video director Ben Bold, sum up the feeling of hurt engulfing Reynolds, who interestingly remained a gentleman despite the chaos within.

Fuse ODG – No Daylight

‘No Daylight’ is a summer hit without a doubt. From its fast paced rhythms to its afro dance vibe, this Killbeatz produced, Fuse ODG song has everything to love about it. ‘No Daylight’ is a song that fit every occasion: gym sessions, raves, carnival. Its afro dance vibe (popularly called kolomashie in Ghana) hands it a joyous and vibrant outlook as expressed in the video- the well-choreographed dance moves by dancers of various creed and ages. I must admit that, I’ve never heard many afro dance tunes with so many lyrics like ‘No Daylight’. It’s becoming apparent that Fuse ODG’s list of big records as seen with “Azonto” and ‘Antenna” and “Million Pound Girl” (Badder Than Bad) is growing. “No Daylight” is definitely making that list. It could even surpass them in terms of global reach. 

B4Bonah feat King Promise – Girl

Don’t let your wave die!! That’s exactly the life B4Bonah is living, musically. Having caught attention with his hit single “Dear God”, which has since received two official remixes, dropping another banger is the smartest thing to do. “Girl” seems to be another song destined to propel him further. What’s highly impressive about the video is the choice of location for the video- The Tema Harbour. Apart from Kojo Antwi who shot a video at the docks for “Bra”, not many artistes/directors have done it. For choosing such a spot, David Nichol-Sey and his scouts deserve thumbs up. Don’t be surprised to see other artistes/video directors creating something at the docks soon. B4bonah is among a legion of new artistes pushing the envelope with their music. Putting another promising (pun) act, King Promise on ‘Girl’ wasn’t a mistak-King Promise is receiving tones of love lately. If there’s something I love about King Promise more than his singing, it’s his dance moves. Goodness!! 


THE CUTS : EP 02 Vol. 8

                   Ko-Jo Cue: Me Dat

Banging hip hop beats. Great delivery. Well measured boast. All these embalm the new single from Ko-Jo Cue. The BBnZ artiste has, for a while, been swinging from activeness (drop a tune or verse on a feature) to inactiveness (silence). The clamour for a new tape from YDL (Cue’s other moniker) has been on, but, Cue isn’t really bent on dropping any material soon, it seems. 

As he explained in an interview with BeatPhreak, he’s taking his time to create music he truly want to make. The pressure from fans won’t sway him. ‘Me Dat’ could be the precursor to a project from him. It could be just a single to assure fans he’s still here. ‘Now, I may not have a million dollars sitting in the bank but I surely feel like it’, Ko-Jo Cue opens his verse on this Sam 1 produced single. 

Reynolds (The Gentleman) – Ole

When I saw the tweet announcing “Ole”, I was expecting a pop song (that’s the kind of songs I’ve associated Reynolds with). Not only has ‘Ole’ influenced a mind change, it has introduced another side of Reynolds- his versatility and ability to hit notes pretty well. “Ole” is a ballad about a lost lover. The vulnerability and the ache associated with such a loss is present in the song. Reynolds, who doubles as the in-house producer for VI (Vision Inspired) Music, has moved from the third to the second spot on my artiste roaster for his label. The songwriting is beautiful, emotive and poetic as evidenced by this lyric: ‘The night was cold and my night stood still/ The minute she said that our love wasn’t real/ A tortured mind and a lonely face/ I’m fading away in this empty space‘.

Kuvie – Updated Catalogue

Music producer, Kuvie’s production catalogue is a tall one (if you compare it to his active years as a producer). Having worked with some of the biggest artistes around and releasing his own works, Kuvie shared link to his updated SoundCloud page. From old songs such as “Awo’a” to self produced songs like “Deep” and Joey B’s “Chorkor Special” (from the Darryl EP), the 32 tracks with a running time of 2:30:13 minutes is for everyone’s enjoyment. 

THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 7

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY


LXXXVII (Ghost Made) It feat Ansah Live – Entirely Sho’


The internet keeps handing us talents which we’d otherwise not even get to know. One of them is producer LXXXVII. Highly regarded by his fellow peers, LXXXVII, as he’s sometimes called, is a fast rising producer making waves thanks to a string of surreal releases. His recent release, ”Entirely Sho’’, an electronic trap and bass is the third song he has released to great reception.  The 26 year old producer’s unusual experimental trap sound has captured the attention of some West African acts including Sarkodie, EL, Ice Prince, J-Town, Efya and Dee Money. With its heavy, gritty trap synths, fiery percussion, sickening drop that could potentially rip apart your speakers (or cochlea) and a soulful vibe, ‘Entirely Sho’ is nothing short of fire. And drafting the amazing Ansah Life on the song was a class act.


Shanika Maria: Childish Games

Shanika Maria’s soft and enchanting voice has a healing power. Her singing is akin to watching a soft breeze over the hair of a lady. That’s the feeling you get when listening to ‘Childish Game’, her new single. A guitar driven ballad about the difficulties of relationships, Shanika, the Ontario based soul singer dissect the strain in her relationship: ‘I keep pushing but, you keep pushing me back/ we keep on trying but..’ Her calm voice betrayed no pain. The sentiments were conveyed by her words in an elegant manner: ”Stop, don’t think I’m happy/ Just cos I can play the game”. One name that came to mind listening to Shanika is Andreya Triana – another artiste whose whispery singing is reminiscent of a floating object. ‘Childish Game isn’t all gloomy. Towards the end, Shanika urges her partner to fix it for the sake of the kids: ‘’And the babies say they need us to be strong, to hold on’’


 Fre-D – Wahala

Fresh off dropping his ‘Don’t Forget To Pray (Freestyle)’, Fre-D (Fred Chijindu Inaks Onianwa) returns with “Wahala” produced by Le Prezident. Together, the duo have conceptualized, what they call ‘Afro-soul-trap’; mixing African elements with soul and trap music. The track title “Wahala” translates to ‘problems’ in pidgin and the track tells a story of how a lady’s penchant for the finer things puts her admirer in trouble. Fre-D uses word play and soul melodies to paint a picture of a young, braggadocios suitor who bites off more than he can chew in courting this lady.  Lines like “No mercy, no mercy, tryna ball when you’re not Messi/No pennies, no panties, guess we’re kettle and pot belly” depict the story from his perspective.



Mark Ansari – Baby Yo

Mark Ansari’s visuals for Baby Yo, a song he released about a month ago follows the template of most love inspired videos- a display of affection towards each other. From sitting on a yacht to dropping in on her at the restaurant she waiters, the visuals are sharp. The switch from black and white from the beginning of the video to the coloured second half is impressive.


Alorhson feat Amma Kumi– Hang Out With You

Alorhson hasn’t been in the music game for that long, though he has the talent to rise to the top if he works on his art.  Prior to releasing Hang Out With You, Alorhson released ‘On Fleek’ and ‘Focus’. This is how he describes this Amma Kumi assisted Hang Out With You: ‘is about telling that special someone, that partner, that crush that you want to spend some time with him/her and stating reasons why you would like to spend such lovely time with him/her and not leaving out how that person makes you feel when you spend time with him/her and also assuring him/her an awesome time. It’s something personal anyone can relate to’’.



THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 6

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY


Black Coffee feat Shekhinah – Your Eyes

The eyes tells no lie. The thoughts of a man can be gleaned through the eyes, goes a popular saying. And in love relationships does this saying get affirmed, sometimes. 

Award winning South African house music producer/DJ Black Coffee’s song “Your Eyes” plays on this notion. Brimming with a mellow house sound, he enlist singer Shekinnah who pours her scintillating vocals over his beat. ‘Your eyes, they sparkle in the light/But, in the dark, I see the true colours of your heart‘, she sings. 

The video reflect the tone of the song: the visual grading is calmer just like the song. It follows the story of a beautiful couple -happy, outgoing, indulging- yet the guy confirmed the ‘men are trash’ trope. Her discovery of his infidelity is confirmed in these words: “Your Eyes change colour when you lie/I can see it, I’m not blind” by Shekhinah. The shot of the flying eagle wasn’t just for aesthetic value (read about the eye of the eagle).

Black Coffee’s music has crossed beyond his homeland of South Africa partly because of Drake who featured his music on “Get It On” (on More Life). On “Your Eyes”, Black Coffee, with help from his actress wife, Mbila paints crying eyes to bring closure to the this simple, tasteful and poignant video.

KaySo – Your Type No Dey

Last time we heard anything from producer/singer KaySo was on “Lovely”, a highlife tune with Papa Chie. He’s marking his return after a break from production duties with his lastest single “Your Type No Dey”. An afro-EDM sound that celebrates African women both on the continent or diaspora who love him (a guy) despite his ordinariness. The song carries simple lyrics and synth heavy rhythms. An easy sing-along chorus and enough room to dance is the magic of the song.

Knii Lante feat Feli Nuna – You

Exactly last week, Knii Lante and Feli Nuna were on YFMs morning show to talk about their new collaborative effort. Surprisingly, Knii Lante couldn’t answer a question whose answer has something to do with him during the tick tock segment- they scored 9/10 though. “You” was the song. A mellow afropop song with such a warm opening beat that ultimately consumes you by the time Knii Lante’s soft vocals drop. His perfect delivery isn’t much of a surprise (he has won the VGMA best vocalist award for 3 straight years). It was Feli Nuna’s showing that caught my attention. Her vocals carried such grace. Singing mostly in English, with a few Twi, Ga and Ewe phrases infused into the lyrics. ”You” is about sticking with that ‘special one’ through both dark and good times. It sells Feli Nuna more than Knii Lante and it’s not hard to note why: Feli Nuna has more to prove. And she did. 

Ntelabi ft BigBen – Glory

Since his name change a few weeks ago, Ntelabi (which means ‘My Father Lives’ in Konkomba) has, on his latest release “Glory”, a trap influenced song featuring BigBen (of Harmony). The baritone voiced Ntelabi makes know his intentions on the hook of his single “Glory Glory, men, I’m coming back to life/ I know I’ve been away but I’m coming back home/ Imma do it/ surely, it’s my time to shine/ Everyone will know my name”. “Glory” is the first single off the four songs to be released by Ntelabi before the release of his album “Setting” in August.

Denzel Roberts – Ice Cream Love feat Taps

“Give Way” was the first single off his EP “Halo”. The success of that project has warranted his latest ‘Ice Cream Love’. The song rides on afropop beats and upon first listen, sounds like a love tune. But, it’s a gospel song in which Denzel is heard thanking God and fans for the grace and love shown him following the released of ”Halo” respectively. The singing is good except that, the rap wasn’t necessary. It could have been done away with. Denzel may not possess the best vocals out there but knows how to use it. Just that, it’s not always that you show you can rap. 

THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 5

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY


Kwame Write – Homeless Minds 

One of the saddening sights in most cities, no matter the level of development, are the homeless folks. Unfortunately, no one seems to care about them. Thier plight forms the basis of ‘Homeless Minds, a spoken word piece by Kwame Write. With Ebo Taylor’s horns adorning ‘Heaven’ (re-created by Yung Fly)  swirling beneath his voice, Kwame Write brings their plight to of the fore: ‘he reads me the arcane trade laws negotiating pain/ a newspaper spread covers his head, but in the newspapers his painful story is not shared’. The visuals are random snapshots of both ordinary and homeless people in Paris, France. Kwame Write’s socio-political consciousness is pervasive on his recently released EP, ‘Bloodlines’.
DJ Vision feat Samini – Like December 

I love the Samini I’m hearing. He sounds so comfortable and glorious on this Juls produced single. For a while, I’ve wondered when Samini of 5 years ago would pop up again, dishing out dope material(s) for his fans. Thankfully, DJ Vision’s ‘Like December’ could be the launch pad for Samini to invigorize his career. ‘Like December’, rides on the DJ Juls sound- mellow afrobeat chops blended with infectious highlife rhythms. The song is an idolization of a woman’s features: ‘your body, your body o/e dey make me mental’. Given the unstoppable Shatta Wale train and Stonebwoy’s continuous streak of hits, Samini’s glow has dimed in comparison. Currently, the panache and ingenuity that often surrounded his previous songs is missing. He seemed to be playing catch-up. On ‘Like December’, not only is Samini reminding us he has the glow that endeared many to him, but DJ Vision is making a formidable statement that, he knows how to make bangers- 3 solid hits in a row.
Falz – Jeje

Nigerian rapper Falz ‘The Bahdguy’ took advantage of his visit to Ghana, last month, off the back of the Ghana Meet Naija Concert to shoot a video for ‘Jeje’. The mid-tempo danceable song earned a highly impressive video to match its tone. Shot around Jamestown (which has become a favorite music video spot), the video follows Falz as he falls in love: he sees a girl whom he liked, had a convo with her and goes and pick her up from a cafe where she works as a waiteress. The video has some incredible technical qualities: the angles of shots, the location (Jamestown), the pictures isn’t excessively colour graded like the many on our screens; there’s seamless continuity in the story being told. The video is visually appealing.

Alex Wondergem – Off The Dome

‘Off The Dome’ is a 5 track, 10 mins 52 seconds EP by Alex Wondergem, a producer, DJ and rapper. It’s his debut work aimed at showcasing his talents and also let his thoughts run free over various issues. He states his mission on the opening track God, rapping with such rapidity. Half-Co Flow (a slang for mixed race, which he is) has him rapping over J.Cole’s ‘Back To The Topic’ instrumentals (J.Cole sampled from Cassie and P.Diddy’s ‘Must Be Love’). Man Dem is a shot at haters and hypocrites. Kwahme Flex drops a patios/dancehall hook. Alex talks about the pressures of life on Under Pressure and success on It’s Like A Video Game, where he raps ‘the fire inside won’t ignite unless you search for the light’;  a reminder to find your inspiration. Alex, whose collaborative efforts with neo-soul artiste Eli Muzik resulted in the bold, unapologetical “Buying Our Freedom” EP comes off more as Terrence Martins than DJ Khaleed on ”Off The Dome”
bigBen – Princess

bigBen got introduced to Ghanaians off the back of ‘Do My Own’ by M.anifest. He released the video for his single ‘Princess’-a song that carries a ‘this is why I love you’ theme: ‘I got everything that you need so give me yourself‘. The visuals aren’t mind blowing except for those water over glass haziness (don’t know how best to describe it) employed for some of the scenes. bigBen may not be such a huge force within the music circles yet, but his style of singing- a mix between traditional highlife, dancehall and urban afropop- could be a factor in his future success.
MzBel feat Fimfim – Swag

MzBel should be grateful for whoever ghostwrote and made the reference track for this song. Her rapping was spotless-a quality she has never possessed (by her standard). She raps sometimes yes, but it has never triumphed over this one. ‘Swag’ features rapper Mfimfim (he produced it). As the title suggest, ‘Swag’ is a credential boasting song with MzBel identifying herself as the real ‘boss chick’. MzBel’s popularity has been fueled largely by her controversial acts than her musical exploits so it’s obvious she’s trying to make herself relevant again. Whether it would bring her swag back (pun intended) within the music space is something I doubt. But, who knows. 

THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 4

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY


Ria Boss – Golden

Ria Boss is a sensational singer and artistic impressario. Not only was her EP ‘Finding Your Free’ a brilliant collection of soulful ballads that flicks with refreshing elixir, her artistic qualities diverge from what is the norm. ‘Golden’, the first track from her EP receives a visual treatment. With Amartei Armar behind the directors camera, the video draws on a very important part of our history as Ghanaians and Africans: Slavery. Ria Boss, with chains around her neck and legs, sings about breaking the shackles that hold one back. ‘Just let go of how the past hurt your heart/Try to grow from where the ashes burned’, she sings. The video was shot in a slave dungeon where the darkness of the place was lighted by a series of candles. Radiant, alluring and golden (pun intended); that’s what the video for Golden evokes. ‘It’s on you/do you wanna be foolish in love?’, she ask on the chorus.

Dadie Opanka – Wedding Car

Dadie Opanka is one of those highly regarded rappers within the ‘underground’ circles. Like a flash of lightening, he has occasionally flashed across the mainstream sky. The fortunes of the Tema based rapper may change thanks to his wedding themed love song, ‘Wedding Car’. This afopop, danceable song is a far departure from his trademark- rap with saturated punchlines. The light-heartedness of ‘Wedding Car’ is reflected in the humor sprinkled video. Opanka proposes to a lady in the video. The humorous part is seen during the marriage ceremony and his unveiling of his wedding car-a worn out, dirty looking pick-up with a weak engine. With the necessary push, ‘Wedding Car’ could become a jam and Opanka’s balloon to fame. PS: Did anyone see the magic a waved car key did on the future mother-in-law (Amanda Jisseh)? 

EFYA- Until The Dawn

Afro-dancehall rhythms​ with root-rock reggae guitar chops from Maleek Berry’s production boards is what EFYA steams her vocals over. ‘Until The Dawn’ is a love song with EFYA sharing what he has in store for her lover: ‘I wanna make love to you/Until the break of Dawn’, she intones. The video concept is simple: EFYA suffers a vehicular breakdown. A young male comes along to help fix it. We see them in this Rihanna-Work-styled rave. The Prince Dovlo and Hassan Beiruthy directed video captures some beautiful scenes: the green scenic views and the overall choice of location added to the appeal. A good advert for eco-tourism. Question: where did EFYA’s helper emerge from though?

Odunsi (The Engine) – RnB Odunsi

Trapsoul influenced with strong guitar riff. Synths moderately sprinkled over a mid-tempo drum bubbling beat. Odunsi, one of the highly rated Nigerian artistes, tries to deflate the fears of a lady who thinks ‘RnB guys no good for me‘ by assuring her of his devotion: ‘said you need some time/I’m ready when you wanna get me’. It’s a known view that, RnB artistes are players and handing out your heart to them is as risky as placing a bet on Liverpool to win the English Premier League next season. ”RnB Odunsi’ is an attempt at demystifying the notion of RnB artiste as players. Even though I’m still not sold on Odunsi’s singing prowess, his productions are always spotless. His debut EP ‘TOOLS’ reveals that. This new ‘RnB Odunsi’ continues on that path.

Stargo – Mirror

There’s this element of relatability when Stargo chooses to rap in twi. Last I heard him rap in twi was on ‘Super Glue’ off his 2016 G.O.D. EP. He returns to the format on the Mike MillzOn’Em produced ‘Mirror’. It carries an afropop tune with a bit of rock fervour courtesy the electro guitar synths. Rapping entirely in twi, Stargo bemoans the betrayal of his love and trust. The accompanying video has him at a fringe role (the focus wasn’t on him much). The two female characters lead the story. ‘Mirror’ reveals a contrasting image: the rooms look old and delapidated; the bathroom with it’s broken tiles against the elegantly dressed ladies. The setting on fire of the rose flowers, the clothing of the ladies (red and black) and the fire scene reveal the death of a love affair. 

SquYb feat Talaat Yartey – Obeleke

If there’s one thing trap music has done, it’s handing people the believe that they can rap. There are some are constantly nailing it (Dex Kwasi,AYAT, Klu). For some, the beat does the trick for them. Obeleke by SquYb and Talaat is an example of the latter. I don’t know what the title means so I’d avoid any explanation. The video is nothing exceptional. The location, the colour separation (well doped pink flowers) and the shaking screen when the 808s bang or ad-libs drops are the only standouts from the video.