Writer Eli Tetteh talks his chapbook ‘Ellipses’ and other issues

If you have been a regular on Ghana twitter, the handle @elidot may have appeared on your timeline at a point. 

The handle belongs Eli Tetteh, a man who wears many hats- a lecturer, music head, writer, poet and geek. His broad knowledge base and intelligence on myriad subjects has made him a favourite of many people on both social media and in real life.

After years of writing for a number of publications and blogs-notably Nkenten (@nkenten), an art focused blog which he curates- Eli has finally documented his thoughts in ‘Ellipses‘, a chapbook which will be launched on Saturday, April 1 (check poster above for details)

Ellipses‘-filed in both poetry and journal form- harped on critical issues which he considers worth addressing. Ahead of the launch of his chapbook, Eli Tetteh has released a video in which he answer questions about ‘Ellipses‘. The video is a collaboration between @nkenten and @culartblog

Watch the video below: 


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