Cina Soul singing her soul away  (Photo Credit Rodney Quarcoo)

Forgive the fact that her mic went off during the performance of the acoustic ballad ‘Lovers Tiff’ with guitarist Nii Quaye. Ignore the factthat rapper M.anifest didn’t show up for the rendition of the soulful tune ‘Julor’. All other things came full cycle, making the night memorable.

Under the dimly light amphitheater stage, Cina Soul formally introduced herself to the hundreds that thronged Alliance Franicaise last Saturday with her boundless talent and showmanship. For a newcomer breaking through the music scene and selling such a show is a testament to what lies ahead for her career.

The packed house saw fast rising soulful songstress, Cina Soul raise the roof with her spotless singing and stagecraft. For two hours, she sung with every nerve in her slender frame, her voice- crisp and fresh all evening- performing songs from her recently released debut EP, Metanoia as well as covers of songs such as the classic Bill Wither’s ‘Aint No Sunshine’ and Alicia Keys’ ‘Falling’ (I fell in love with Alicia all over again). With an incredible audience singing, dancing, cheering loudly and following every bit of her command, even singing out ‘Love Tiff’ when her mic went off, Cina had enough reason to be inspired on the night. Her fashion sense added lustre to the entire performance.


Photo Credit: Rodney Quarcoo

The guest artistes who shared stage with Cina brought their own touch of class to the stage. From Kojo-Cue, Worlasi to Ghana’s budding sweetheart Adomaa, whose duet with Cina (Hollow Spaces) was next to perfection- to one of the evening’s best moments when KiDi Music joined her for the electrifying ‘Baddo’. The sequence of acts also ensured there were no dull moments throughout the night.


Photo via Rodney Quarcoo

Earlier on, artistes from VI Music- Tronomie, Reynolds (The Gentleman) and Akotowaa had set the tone for the night. EyShun also made an impression on the audience with his performance. The excitement was pushed notches higher when AYAT, KaySo and Kidd Black took over the stage and performed their anthems – I Don’t Know You (IDKY) and Barisujey. The energy and the dab steps exhibited by the trio on the night was impressionable.

And whenever the FRA Band (who played flawlessly) had their moments, the whole venue was turned into one jam packed stage. Playing some classic and nostalgic highlife and hiplife tunes, the FRA Band proved why they are one of the best bands in the country.
The night saw artistes like EL and his BBNZ crew, Trigmatic as well Black Avenue Muzik head honcho D-Black in the audience.

Through the MetanoiaXConcert, Cina Soul proved on the night that her talent is not bound only to the studio but she can also live on the stage. Her stellar showmanship last Saturday is enough attestation.




  1. Seli Kem · August 15, 2016

    So you have failed to put in your blog that they deceived the public that Manifest was going to perform. By the way can I sue them for deceit? We need to test the laws on this.

    • Swaye Kidd · August 16, 2016

      I beg you. I can’t pay for a lawyer. I was told M.Dot was out of town reason he didn’t show up.

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