Odunsi ‘The Engine’ moments before the listening session.                          Photos courtesy Meek_Eyer Photography


Tea Baa, at Osu Ako Adjei, last Friday hosted the EP listening session for Nigerian musician, producer and Ghana frequenter, Odunsi’s (The Engine) debut EP TOOL.

TOOL, an acronym for ‘Times Of Our Lives’ is a six (6) track EP boasting diverse musical influences which Odunsi grew up on. The EP borrows from Neo-soul, Reggae/dancehall, Afro-funk and house. Those present had the opportunity to hear the music and also the back stories and ideas to the crafting of the EP.

TOOL, according to Odunsi was made out of a dark period in his life. Despite this statement, Odunsi hinted that ‘life is already tough and sad, I can’t make dark music’. With each song premiered, he explained the conception and creative process behind it.

Songs that make up TOOL include Vibrate, Happy Hour (featuring Okunta Kinte), Uber, Vanilla, Farabale, Shiwawu and Lover Man.

Odunsi ‘The Engine’ has over a short period managed to convince a section of Ghanaians of his artistry thanks to his production skills. He has produced songs for the likes of rising Neo-soul/afro pop artiste Cina (Julor) and 2015 Vodadone Ghana Music Award Winner (Unsung Category) Adomaa (Yenkor).

For Odunsi, African Music is about to receive much global recognition and for that to happen, ‘we (musicians) have a lot of cleaning to do. How we mix our sounds, how we write our songs, how to market the song’.

Times Of Our Lives is set to be released in July 2016.

Follow Odunsi (@odunsitheengine) for more update on the EP).

Also visit his SoundCloud page for more music.


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