For those who thought Adomaa was just hype or quizzed if she could hold her own on a stage not as a supporting act but the main act I’m sure after her show at Alliance on Saturday, the assumption was altered.

Her performances were well crafted; her composure was one of confidence; her energy was infectious and her vocals-which is her greatest weapon-was sharp and flawless.

The Afraba Concert was the first major concert for Adomaa following the release of her much appreciated Afraba EP-the EP was released on Jan, 31st.

And as expected, she performed all the six songs off the EP plus her previous covers and mash-ups.The concert revealed Adomaa as an artiste who has burst out of her cocoon and ready to flap away like the butterfly she describes herself as. What transpired over the weekend lend credence to that fact her stage performances is an asset complementing her singing which is not in doubt.

The tone for the main event was set by poet Akotowaa, whose introductory poem captured the evolution or growth process of Adomaa a la a butterfly. With that, the night was set for Adomaa to thrill the hundreds who have filled the Alliance Amphitheatre on a nippy Saturday evening.

Afraba, a poetry clad opener on her EP was the first real opening performance. The recital featured spoken word artist Poetra, who not only rendered a befitting poem about the need for her to fly and dazzle but helped in singing the hook of the song. With that cleared, it was all about Adomaa, her FRA band and backup singers. And surely they took the excitement notches higher, a step at a time, starting with a rendition of ‘Shii The Song’ with the talented singer/songwriter Robin Huws.


A few songs later, Adomaa ceded performance to her band and backup singer –Tiiti- who took the whole venue to church by dishing out catchy and soulful praise songs which resonated with the audience-an accolade to Adomaa’s Christian background. I particularly loved the vocals from her label mates during this session. For almost 20 minutes, I bet the Holy Spirit descended onto the audience before Adomaa took over, continuing from where she left off.

One of the high points of the concert was when the FRA band took over to dish out instrumentation of some very popular afro pop tunes; the audience could not resist the temptation to dance. The FRA band actually did put the FRA in the AFRABA as Adomaa aptly confessed. They were incredible. They JAMMED and I bet everyone at the concert who paid attention felt their passion behind those instruments. I personally loved the guitarist whose solos were on point over those six strings.

And when the three young kids just jumped on stage during FRA’s session and dazzled with their dance skills to the admiration of all, one realized this was not just a concert. It was an experience and that the excitement was going to get better.

Adomaa’s return to stage-which some considered too long- coincided with FRA’s soaking the crowd in a torrent of excitement. Her performance of the afro-rock tune ‘Tempo’ peaked the excitement further. And by the time she unleashed those famous mash ups of classic highlife tunes off her Evolution of Music compilation, she had the crowd at her feet, dancing away the night.


The good was not without some challenges, mostly technical. First, the late start of the show irritated a section of the audience. Another was the sound quality. The sound was either too loud or made it hard to hear the words of the songs. Again, compared to the last time I saw her perform; somewhere last year and last Saturday, she has matured and grown her stage act. However, there is more she could do to enhance her performance. I felt she did not ‘own’ the stage much and did not command the audience-two hallmarks of great artistes.

Despite these challenges or flaws, The Afraba Concert with guest appearances by Robin Huws, the incredible Cina Soul, Adina Thembi, Eli Muzik, Yaw Prodi, Luigi, TiTi, Six Strings (whose Sobolo song and performance received commendations), Reynolds the Gentleman among many others ensured they sold out a good and memorable show.

Adomaa and her team VI Music team left a positive scar on the audience, who left the venue with contentment, knowing the Ghana music scene is in safe hands with these young talents. The Afraba Concert was definitely exhilarating and memorable.

Written by @swaykidd.
Additional input from @MannyFBC


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