The drama in a traditional compound house is an interesting spectacle. From the little, needless conflicts or misunderstandings to nosy neighbours and gossips to tenants indulging in secret love affairs, the collective actions provoke both fun and sorrow in equal measure.

The intrigues of compound house lifestyle have been aptly captured in a new play by Village Minds Production to be staged on the 27th of November, 2015 at Alliance Francaise, Accra.

THE LOVE OF MAMAVI is a sensational play that lays bare the life of tenants in a compound house; typical of many African homes. Mamavi, a young and dynamic lady, falls in love with Armah who belongs to another tribe, thereby throwing the whole house into more mayhem.

The play, strewn with bits of humour and sarcasm, epitomises the tense tribal and political atmosphere pertaining in Africa and suggests ways sanity can be maintained within a diverse political, cultural and ideological space.


TIME: 7: 00 PM

RATE: GHC 20 / GHC 10 for students & AF members / free under 12


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