As you may know by now, the annual Chalewote Street Art Festival will commence tomorrow. The historic town of James Town, which lies in the heart of Accra will play host to the two-day festival (23rd-24th August, 2014)


I took some time off after work to visit main venue (Mantse Agbona) with Vanessa to catch up on how preparation is proceeding.

image image image image

Vanessa (@nysv), Kuukuwa (@kuukuwa_) and Eyram (@sweyram) will be operating the ‘Yentie Obiaa Spot’ where troopers to the event can buy locally brewed drinks such as Palm wine, Sobolo, Pito, Asana as well as charge their phones and gadgets.

After checking out the venue, we took a stroll within the township and captured theses scenes.

image image image image image


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